Clocking in and out of a role

This feature is for Enterprise users only and may not be available to you yet. You can learn more by clicking here.

Members of a role can clock into the role to become on-call for the role. 

The on-call member is the only member to get notifications for new messages, but all members can handle and respond to messages sent to the role.

Once the on-call person decides to clock out, they can assign another role member to be on-call.

Other role members can also clock in anytime and take over the role.

  1. Go to your Roles tab.

  2. Select a role you want to clock in/out of. The role details will open.

  3. You can clock in and out of the role by tapping the switch on the left-hand side of Clock In/Out. The switch color will change depending on your status.

    • If the switch is gray, it means that you are clocked out.
    • If the switch is blue, it means that you are clocked in.

Additional info

  • If someone is already clocked-in, you can take over the on-call, and the clocked-in user will get notified.
  • You can assign another colleague to be on call while clocking out.
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