Export photos to a Clinical Record

Export photos to a Clinical Record with  Celo Enterprise  . Get in touch with us to adapt Celo to meet your team's needs.
Android iOS Web
  1. Find the photo you wish to export and open Photo Details.
  2. Make sure to add Patient Details, as Patient ID is required to export to the clinical record. The Patient Lookup feature may come in handy.
  3. Press export_icon.svg Export to clinical record. A confirmation screen will appear containing all patient details.

    (Android) Export record button
  4. Press Confirm to begin the export process.

    (Android) Confirm export record
  5. Select the clinical record you wish to export to.
  6. If required, select a service under the clinical record to export to.
  7. Press Export.
The photo will be exported to your selected clinical record. You may find and open the export summary under Clinical Record. Attached consent forms will also be included in the exported PDF.
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