Broadcast a message to my workspace (Web)

Send out Broadcasts to your workspace with  Celo Enterprise  . Get in touch with us to adapt Celo to meet your team's needs.
  This feature is currently unavailable on mobile. Send out broadcasts using the Celo web app  .

Create and send out urgent announcements to your workspace with Broadcasts. These broadcasts are tracked: you can see how many users have received and seen your broadcast.

Creating a Broadcast

  1. Contact the team to set up your Celo account for broadcasting.
  2. Once the feature has been enabled, Celo Broadcast will appear in your account when opening Celo from a web browser. Press Celo Broadcast.
  3. Press New Broadcast. The Celo directory for your workspace will open.

    (Web) New Broadcast
  4. Press Select all to send a broadcast to all users, or find and select the specific users you wish to send a broadcast to.
  5. Press Create new broadcast.
  6. Enter the message you wish to broadcast.
  7. When you have finished, press Broadcast to send out the message to all users you have chosen.

Broadcast Report

All broadcasts sent will appear in the dashboard, listed in order of recency. You can search for older broadcasts using the search function and keywords from that specific broadcast.


(Web) Broadcast Panel

The stats provided are:

How many users the broadcast was sent out to.
How many users received the broadcast on Celo.
How many users have opened the broadcast on their Celo app.
Seen %
A percentage comparing how many users have opened the broadcast to the total number of users the broadcast was sent out to.
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