What can I do in a workspace?

Workspaces allows you to find, organise and collaborate with your colleagues.

As a workspace member

edit_workspace.svg Enter/update your position and department

Enter or update your position and the department you are part of by opening Workspace Details > My details.

See this article for more detailed instructions.

add_user_plus.svg Invite users

Invite colleagues to your workspace by sharing an invite link, available from Workspace Details > Invite to Workspace via link.

See this article for more detailed instructions.

  Can't find an invite link?

Verified workspaces verified_workspace.svg can restrict access to invite links. If your workspace has enabled this option, talk to your workspace administrator.

search-blue.svg Find your colleagues in the same workspace

Your workspaces will appear in the Celo directory   My Network, and when you are creating/adding members to a Chat, Group or Case.

Use  Search to look for your work colleagues. See this article to find out more.

As a workspace creator/admin

  Workspace creators are automatically set as its sole admin.
add_user_plus.svg Add new users

Add users to your workspace using the invite link, available from Workspace Details > Invite to Workspace via link.

workspace_user.svg Remove existing users

Remove users from your workspace by using Celo on web  . Open Workspace Details > workspace_user.svg Remove Members.

See this article for more detailed instructions.

  Removing users from workspace is currently unavailable on the mobile app.
edit_workspace.svg Edit workspace name
At the moment, workspace names are currently uneditable from the app. Contact support at Celo if you would like to change your workspace name.
reset_invite_link.svg Reset invite link
Deactivate an existing invite link and generate a new one from Workspace Details > reset_invite_link.svg Reset Link.
 Celo Enterprise features

The following functionalities are available with  Celo Enterprise. Contact the team at Celo to find out more.

Opening Workspace Details

  • Head to the  My Network section of Celo, and open the Workspace tab.
  • From the Workspace tab:


    Press android-network_fab.svg > edit_workspace.svgWorkspace Details.


    Press ios-more.svg > edit_workspace.svgWorkspace Details.


    Press edit_workspace.svgWorkspace Details.

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