Invite and add a colleague (Connection request)

add-24px.svg Add both Celo and non-Celo users

  • Existing Celo users will receive a connection request on Celo.
  • Non-Celo users will receive an email invite to use Celo, and they will receive your connection request when they join using the invite link.
Android iOS Web
  1. Head to the  My Network section of Celo.
  2. Either:
    • Press Add colleagues at the bottom of your Connection list, or
    • Press the add-24px.svg icon > add_connections.png Add Colleagues .
    (Android) Add connection
  3. You can invite your colleague(s) as a connection via the following methods:

    Connections - Email Phone Contacts
    email-24px.svg Add by email
    1. Press Add by email.
    2. Enter your colleague(s)' email address, up to a maximum of 20.

    share-24px.svg Share invite link
    1. Press Share invite link.
    2. Use your phone's sharing feature to send an invitation to your colleague(s).

    Email contacts found on your phone
    Celo can also send an invitation and/or connection requests to your phone contacts via email. This requires you to allow Celo to have access to your contacts.
    1. On the list of contacts, find and select the contacts you want to send a connection request to.

    2. Press Add on the button that appears upon selecting contacts.
    Don't see your contact list?

    You will see one of the following: a Find Colleagues button or Open Settings button.

    • Press Find Colleagues > Allow Celo access to your contacts.
    • Press Open Settings and give Celo permission access to your contacts.
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