How to take photos and record video (Android, iOS)

    Android and iOS Only

This article applies only to the mobile version of Celo.

Using the Camera

To use the camera, head to the   Camera section of Celo.

Celo may ask you for permission to access your camera and your microphone. Allow Celo to do both.

Photo Features

Switch to taking photos.
Switch to recording video.
camera-photo_button.png camera-video_button.png

Take a photo (white) or begin recording (red).

The maximum video length is 30 seconds.
flash_off-24px.svg flash_on-24px.svg flash_auto-24px.svg
When taking a photo, switch between turning flash on, flash off and flash automatic.
Switch from your front to rear camera, and vice-versa.
Close the camera and return to Celo.

Getting your files ready for upload

After taking a photo or recording a video, you have several options.

(iOS) Media file options

More options

Add another photo/video add_a_photo-24px.svg

Take another photo or video to be uploaded at the same time.

A total maximum of 8 photos and videos can be uploaded at once.
Annotate photo create-24px.svg

Draw on or annotate photos.

While annotating,

  • press undo-24px.svg Undo to undo your actions.
  • press arrow_back_ios-24px.svgBack to cancel your annotations without saving.
  • press check_circle-24px.svg Done to save your annotations.
Add caption

Give each photo and video its own brief description. Captions can be edited later under Photo Details.

Add Patient Details add_circle-24px.svg

Attach patient details (and a consent form) to the photo(s) and video(s) you are uploading. This is an optional but recommended step when dealing with patient data.

Patient details can be edited later from the Secure Library.

Save secure_library.png
When you are happy with your files, press Save to upload them to the Secure Library, where they are stored and accessible via Celo.
Save & Send send-24px.svg
Both Save and send all your uploaded photo(s) and video(s) to an existing or new Chat, Group or Case.
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