Photo and Video Details

Photo and video details provide contextual information around a photo. It consists of the three following parts:

  • a description
  • Patient Details
  • Consent Form attachment

Accessing Photo and Video Details

  Only the original uploader of a photo and/or video can edit its details.
Android iOS Web
  1. Open the photo or video you wish to edit. You can look for it through the   Library, or by opening up your photo or video from a conversation.
  2. With the photo or video open, press info-24px.svg to open its details.

    (Android) Photo Details Button
  3. Details are now ready for view. To edit them:

    • Press Edit description under Description.
    • Press Edit Patient Details under Patient Details.
    • Press add_circle-24px.svg Add Consent Form. See this article for more details on adding a consent form.
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