How to create a chat, group or case

Create a one-on-one chat

Celo allows connected people and people within a workspace to directly message each other in a private conversation.

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  1. From the  Home tab, tap on Create Message.
  2. Find and tap on the person that you would like to message.

    Based on who you interact with the most on Celo, we will recommend you the most relevant people for you to chat with!


    Tap on connections to see a full list of people you have connected with.

    android-colleagues.jpg Workspaces
    Your workspaces will show under the My Network section. Tap on a workspace to see the full list colleagues in that workspace grouped by their department.

    Use the search bar to search and find people on Celo. Search across your connections, workspaces, departments, and other people on the Celo network.


Create a group or case

A group allows multiple people to have a conversation. You can use grouped to share information with colleagues and you can invite other people into your group at any time.

Android iOS Web
  1. From the  Home tab, tap on Create Message.


  2. Tap on New Group or New Case - To find out more about cases, check out this article.


  3. You can now select multiple people to add to the group. Once you have selected all of the people you’d like to add, tap Continue


  4. Choose a name for your group and tap Create new group


What can users do in a group/case?

Everyone in a group can:

Only group admins can:

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