How to create a group or case

  When you create a group or case, you automatically become its admin. Learn more about case admins, including how to add and remove them.
Android iOS Web
  1. Head to the  Home section of Celo.
  2. Press android-home_fab.svg.

    (Android) Create message
  3. Press  New Group or  New Case.
  4. Add participants to the case by using the list displayed on-screen, and press Next once you have finished.

    (Android) Add participants to group/case
     Search through a long list of contacts by pressing the search button. See this article for more information on searching through your network and workspaces.
  5. Name the group or case.

    (Android) Name group
  6. If you are creating a case, add patient details.

    (Android) Name and add case details
  7. Press Done to finish.

What can users do in a group/case?



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