Group and case admins

What can admins do?

  • add and remove other admins.
  • remove current participants from the group/case.
  The original creator of a group/case is automatically set as an admin.

Adding and removing admins

Android iOS Web
  Only existing admins can perform this action.
  1. Open the group/case and press the group/case name to open Group/Case Info.
  2. Press Group/Case admins.

    (Android) Group/Case admins button
  3. The current admins are those that appear with a tick next to their name. To change their admin status, tick or untick them.

    • The list contains only the current group/case members. Add a user to the group/case to make them an admin.
    • You cannot remove yourself as admin.
    (Android) Edit group/case admins
  4. Press Save to finalise your changes.
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