Find Media (Photos and Videos) in the Secure Library

Using the Search Button

  Search works by looking for attached patient IDs and names in photos and videos. Photos and videos without attached patient info may not appear in the search results.
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  1. Open the   Library section of Celo.
  2. With the Media tab opened, press  .
  3. Type in either a Patient ID or name. Your search results will appear.

Sorting Order

Media files are sorted by their upload date, beginning with the most recent.

Can't find your photo or video?

  • Check that they have been uploaded to the Celo Secure Library.
  • You may have removed the photo or video from your own library.
    • Photos and videos you have removed from your own library are not retrievable. If you have shared the photo over a Chat, Group or Case, the photo will still be accessible from that conversation.
  • Photos and videos without any attached patient details may not appear in search results.
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