Uploading PDF Documents (Web)

  Web Only

Documents can only be uploaded to Celo using the web app. However, uploaded documents can also be viewed in the Android and iOS versions of Celo.

To upload a PDF document from the Web app to the Celo Secure Library, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Secure Library tab of Celo.
  2. Open the Documents tab.
  3. From your computer,
    • drag the PDF you wish to upload onto the dashed box, or
    • click Browse to open your system's File Explorer, and find the PDF you wish to download.
  4. You now have several options:
    Add more documents

    Press Add more documents under the document you have just uploaded.

    All documents you add are simultaneously uploaded to the Secure Library when you are finished.

    To remove a document, hover over its icon and press the remove icon.

    Change the File Name

    You can edit the name of the file before upload.

    Add a description

    In the text box labelled Add description, provide a brief summary to the document you are uploading.

    If uploading multiple documents, each document will have its own description.

    Add Patient Details

    See more about patient details here.

    Patient details are applied holistically to all the documents you are uploading.

  5. After adding everything you wish to add to your document(s), press Upload to store your document(s) to the Celo Secure Library.
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