How to join an existing workspace

To learn how to create_new_workspace.svgcreate your own workspace, see this article.

Join via invite link

You can join a workspace by opening an invite link that another user can share with you. Workspace links will look like this:

Invite Link

Open the link on your mobile phone or on a web browser (and log in if needed) to join the workspace.

To find the invite link for a workspace, see this article.

  Can't find an invite link?

Verified workspaces verified_workspace.svg can restrict access to invite links. If your workspace has done this, you will not be able to find an invite link. Talk to your workspace administrator.

Join via company email

Verified workspaces verified_workspace.svg can register their email domain e.g. "", so that any users can join the workspace simply by verifying their email address.

Join a verified workspace using a recognised email by following the steps below.

Android iOS Web
  1. Head to the  My Network section of Celo.
  2. Press android-network_fab.svg.

    (Android) Network Action Button
  3. Select join_workplace.svg Join Existing Workspace.
  4. Enter your work email, then the verification code sent to your email.
  5. You will see a list of workspaces you can join based on the email you have entered.

      If you don't see your workspace, your email:
    • may not be recognised
    • joining via email has not been set up for the workspace
    Talk to your workspace administrator for more details.
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