Locking and Logging out of Celo

If you are using a shared device, it is important that you log out of your account before passing on the device to someone else. This ensures no one else has access to your data and messages.

Android iOS Web
  1. Tap on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  2. Press input-24px.svg Log Out at the bottom of the page.

    (Android) Log out
  3. You will be given three options:
    • lock-24px.svg Lock: Celo will take you to the PIN screen, and your PIN will be required to reopen Celo.
    • input-24px.svg Log out and Forget me: You will be logged out of Celo, and your PIN or fingerprint identification will be forgotten. Log back in using your work email and password.
    • person_add-24px.svg Switch User: Celo will log out the previous user, and a new user can log in using their work email and password.
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