Sign up and create a Celo account

How to Sign Up

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Choose your country

(Android) Sign Up - Start

  1. Open Celo on your phone. See this article on how to download and install Celo if you do not have it.
  2. From the Celo log in screen, press Sign Up to start creating your Celo account. Can't see the login screen?
  3. Choose the country that you practice in.
Verify your email

(Android) Sign Up - Verify Email

  1. Enter your email address and press Next. Celo will send a verification code to this email, so have your email on hand for quick access.
  2. Enter the verification code and press Confirm Email.
Enter your profile details

(Android) Sign Up - Create Profile

  1. Correctly fill out the form that appears and press Next when you are done.

  2. Enter a new password for your Celo account, ensuring that your password has a minimum of 8 characters with at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, one number and one special character (e.g. $#!@&).
  3. Press Create Celo Account to finalise your account's creation.
  4. To find your colleagues more quickly and improve your Celo experience, you may be asked to set up some optional features. See the following section.

(Optional) Add contacts from your phone in Celo

(Android) Sign Up - Add contacts

  1. If prompted, allow Celo access to your contacts.
  2. A list of your phone contacts will appear. Select the contacts you would like to add to Celo.

    Contacts who already have Celo will be sent a connection request.

    Contacts who do not have Celo will be sent an invitation via email to join you in using Celo.

(Optional) Add your workspace

Instantly join your workspace, if Celo recognises your email domain.

  If your email is unrecognised, you will skip straight to creating a PIN. Don't see your workspace?

(Android) Sign Up - Add Workplace

  1. Pick your workspace from the list of eligible choices. Don't see your workspace?
  2. Enter your department and job position. This information will appear in your Celo profile.
Create a PIN

Your PIN is your fast way of accessing the Celo app.

(Android) Sign Up - Create PIN

  1. Choose and enter a 4-digit PIN.
  2. Re-enter your PIN for verification.
(Optional) Enable fingerprint login

(Android) Sign Up - Fingerprint Login

  1. If Fingerprint Login is enabled on your phone, press Enable to use it to open Celo. Press Enable later to avoid doing so.

      Note that anyone who has a recognised fingerprint on your device will be able to open Celo. See our Terms and Conditions   for more info.

    To enable from Settings: Enable Fingerprint Login


I can't see the login screen

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If you see a PIN screen instead of the login screen:

  1. press Login Help,
  2. press Different User?

You will be taken to the login screen.

Don't see your workspace?

If you cannot find your workspace, you can simply skip this step and add a workspace later. Ask a colleague for an invite link to your workspace.

You may also want to create your own workspace.

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