Verifying my identity (Android, iOS)

  This article explains the process of verifying your identity on Celo. Learn more about verification here.

The Verification Process

Automated verification takes around 5 to 10 minutes, and is best done in a calm and private environment. While processing, your verification status may appear as 'pending'.


    Android and iOS Only

The automated identity verification process is currently available only on the Android and iOS versions of Celo. If you cannot access the Celo mobile app, contact us to discuss alternatives.

Ensure that you have the following before starting the identity verification process:

  • a smartphone with the Celo app installed.
  • a document proving your identity. This could be a passport, driver's licence, national identity card or a residence permit card.

To begin the verification process, follow these steps:

Android iOS
  1. Tap on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  2. Press View your profile.

    (Android) View profile
  3. Under Identity Verification, press Verify my Identity.
  4. Onfido will begin the verification process. Follow the instructions provided by Onfido on screen. This will take around 5 to 10 minutes.
  5. Once you have finished the process, your verification will be reviewed. Once the review process is finished, your identity will appear as verified to other users.


Do not wish to go through our automated identity verification process? Contact us to discuss alternative ways of verifying your identity.

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