Search the Celo network

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  1. Head to the Network tab.
  2. Search for a colleague's name on the search bar.



What can I search for?

After searching, you will see different sections of each type of search result:


This section contains your connections You can search your connections by name.


This section contains your colleagues from within your workspace. You can search your colleagues by name and position.


This section contains a whole department from within your workspace. You can search for a department from workspaces that you have joined.


This section contains all users on Celo. You can search for a Celo user by their name.

Can't see people from the network?

  • You must have verified your identity to search the Celo network, or have joined a verified network.
  • Only users with their discoverability enabled can search the network. This can be toggled from within your settings in Celo.

I don't want to be found in the Celo Network

If you do not wish to appear in searches through the Celo network, you may opt out in settings. Opting out will disable your ability to use network search.

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