Verifying my profession

  Learn more about the other forms of verification here.

 For Registered Medical Practitioners

Medical practitioners can display their registration by verifying their registration details with Celo, appearing with a verified_profession.svg badge.

Non-registered professions cannot be verified. Such users may instead opt to verify their identity.

Starting the Verification Process

verified_identity.svg Verified Identity Required for Profession

A verified identity is required before you can add and verify a profession to your profile. See this article on how to verify your identity.

If you have already added your profession earlier, follow these steps to open the verification screen.

Android iOS Web
  1. Tap on your Profile Picture in the top left.
  2. Press View your profile.
  3. Press Profession under Personal Info.

  4. Press Verify profession in the screen that appears.

verified_profession.svg The Verification Process

Once you have entered the profession verification screen, you will need to provide proof of your medical registration in your country of practice. This may be a combination of the medical register that you are a part of along with your registration number, or a link to your online profile. 

Upon submitting the required information, your profession will be processed for verification. Once finished, your profile will display the verified profession badge verified_profession.svg.

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