Manage my department

Workspace management is one of the benefits that comes with  Celo Enterprise  . Get in touch with us and adapt Celo to meet your team's needs.

  Web only

Access the department admin panel using the web version of Celo.

The admin panel can have the following features for better department oversight:

  • add and remove users from their department.
  • set the on-call status for everyone in the department.
  1. Contact the team to set up your Celo account as an administrator for your department.
  2. Once the feature has been enabled, the Admin Panel will appear in your account when opening Celo from a web browser.
  3. From the Admin Panel, you will have access to your department's directory.

(Web) Department Admin

Add an existing Celo user to the department
Press Add users. Select your workmates to add to the department from the workspace directory.
Set on call status

Each user's on call status will be visible and available to be toggled on and off from the admin list.

On Call Status will be visible only if your organisation has opted for the On Call feature.

Remove user
Press Remove in the user list to remove them from the department.
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