What's the difference between a group and a workspace?

Group chats

A Group, or Group Chat, is a conversation on Celo between one or many people. Create a Group when you want to start a conversation with a group of people.

Learn how to create a Group Chat.


A Workspace is a team of people, like a directory or a phone book, that can optionally be organised by department and position.
Create a workspace when you have a team of people with whom you regularly collaborate with as a team, or directly between each team member.

Learn more about workspaces on Celo.

Why create or join a workspace?

  • Workspaces are a great way to organise the people you regularly communicate with, for example, your team, department or hospital/clinic. Members within a workspace all share the same organised directory.
  • Any member within a workspace is able to start a private chat or a group chat with any other member of a workspace, there is no need to connect or exchange personal details.
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