Celo role-based messaging

Introducing Celo's new role-based messaging! When someone within your workspace messages a role, their message is delivered to the person on call for that role and ensures smooth communication between teams and departments.

Reach the right person every time
Easily search the directory by role and contact the correct person for the job, without needing to know their name.

Handover made easy
Ensure that conversations can continue shift by shift, knowing that important messages will be handed over to the next person clocking on to the role.

Control your shift
Clock on and off roles easily. Only receive the messages relevant to your role, reducing distractions when you’re on shift.


How does it work?

Role-based messaging allows for roles to be created and the ability to message a role or team rather than individuals. 

Click the links below to learn more:

Creating and managing a role

Clocking in and clock out of a role

Sending a message to a role

Sending an outgoing message on behalf of a role




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