Creating and managing a role

How can I create a role?

Setting up a role can be done by your workspace’s admin and can be done within the app.

Android iOS Web
  1. From the My Network tab, select a workspace.

  2. Tap Add a new role and enter a name for the role.

  3. Tap Create Role to create the new role.


Additional info

If you are not the admin of your workspace and want to set up a role, contact your workspace admin to set this up for you.


Who can set up a role?

Set up for the role can be done by a role admin. The admin of the role can:

  • Assign new admins and revoke admin permissions from others.
  • Add and remove colleagues to the role.


Adding members to a role

Android iOS Web
  1. Select the role from your workspace to view the role's details.



  2. Tap add new members to choose colleagues.

  3. Choose the colleagues to add to the role. Note that these can only be selected from the same workspace as the role.

  4. Tap Add to role to confirm your changes

Clocking in and out of a role

Members of a role can clock into the role to become on call for the role. Once a member is on call, they will be notified of all messages sent to the role.

The on-call member is the only member of the role to be notified of new messages, but all members of the role can handle and respond to messages sent to the role.

Android iOS Web
  1. Go to your Roles tab.

  2. Select a role you want to clock in/out.

  3. The role inbox will open.

    • Tap on the Clock In to this role button to clock in. If someone is already clocked-in, you can take over the on-call, and the clocked-in user will be notified.

    • Tap Clock out from this role button to clock out. You can assign another colleague to be on call while clocking out.


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