Creating and managing a role

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Setting up a role

Setting up a role can be done by your workspace’s admin and within the app. This can be created from the roles tab and your workspace page.

Additional info

If you are not the admin of your workspace and want to set up a role, contact your workspace admin to set this up for you.

Creating a role from the workspace page

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  1. From the Home page, tap on the Roles tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Tap Add a new role and enter the name of the role.
  3. Tap Create role and successfully set up your role.


You can also create a role by going to your workspace from "My Network" and tapping the Add a new role.


Adding members to a role

Role admins can add colleagues from their workspace to the role. Learn more about role admins.

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  1. Select the role from your Roles tab.
  2. From the 'Role Details' page, tap Add new members button.
    Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 5.18.09 PM.png
  3. A new screen will open where you can choose the colleagues to add to the role. Please take note that only colleagues from the same workspace can be added to the role.
  4. Once you choose the members to be added, tap Add to role to confirm your changes.

Managing admins and removing members from a role

The creator of the role automatically becomes the role admin. The admin of the role can:

  • Assign new admins and revoke admin permissions from others.
  • Add and remove colleagues to the role.
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  1. From the role details, navigate to the members' list.
  2. Tap on the member's profile and a dialogue box will open.
    All members can see the following options:
    • Secure message - Creates or opens a private conversation with the member.
    • View profile - View the member's profile.

    Role admin-only options:
    • Make role admin - Gives the member the role admin rights.
    • Remove admin - Revoke the member's admin rights.
    • Remove member - Remove the member from the role.
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