Workspaces in Celo

Benefits of a workspace

Direct message your colleagues without the need to connect

Freely message colleagues within a workspace without the need to connect. Your workspace will show when you create a new chat so that you can easily add your colleagues into any groups or cases.


Find colleagues grouped by department

The workspace in the network tab shows colleagues grouped by their departments for easy access.


Verify your workspace

Verifying your workspace is a useful way to build trust in your network and promote communication between your workspace and other workspaces on Celo.
Workspace members receive a verification badge on their profile to show that they are workspace verified.

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You can verify your workspace by contacting our team.
Learn more about verified workspaces.


Managing your workspace

Edit your position and department

Your position and department are visible to anyone within the workspace. Your department also affects where you will appear in the list for other colleagues.
See this article for more detailed steps.

Invite new users to your workspace

New users can join the workspace by following an invite link.
See this article for more detailed steps.

Remove colleagues from your workspace (admin only, web only)

Workspace members can be removed by the workspace admin through the workspace details page using the Celo web app.
See this article for more detailed steps.

Reset invite link workspace (admin only)

The invite link can be reset by the admin of the workspace. This will make the old link unusable, and will generate a new link.
Use this feature to prevent the workspace link from being share outside of your immediate network.
See this article for more detailed steps.

Change the name of your workspace

You can update the name of your workspace by contacting our team.


Celo Enterprise features

The following workspace features are available with Celo Enterprise.
See this article for more information about Celo Enterprise.

  • Restrict who can access invite links
  • Customise department list
  • Associated email address for easy joining


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