Search for messages in a chat, group or case

Find old, buried messages in a conversation through the  Search function.

To search for a chat, group or case from your conversation list, see this article.
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  1. Head to the   Home section of Celo.
  2. Open the chat, group or case containing the message you are looking for.
  3. Press   located at the top bar.
  4. Type in keywords from the message that you wish to find on the search bar. A list of search results will appear.

    Searching for a Message Screenshot (Android)
  5. From the list of search results that appear, click a particular message to open up a preview of it and messages sent in the same timeframe.
    • Press Done to close this preview and return to your conversation.
    • Press the return button to return to the list of search results.
Use the  reply feature to bring back old messages as an attachment.
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